The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague, the Netherlands
Let’s change!

Let’s change. You. Us. The World. That’s our message at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS).

We want to empower students to change and improve the world we live in, but this can only happen if we work together – if we evolve and change. We educate our student citizens to ‘think outside the box’ and apply these new perspectives and solutions to make changes to our world.

THUAS is an innovative environment where almost 27,000 students from more than 126 different countries and over 300 exchange partners come together every day.

Our education

The world needs global citizens who can make a difference and react to constantly changing situations. Our graduates are perfectly equipped to step out into a globalised economy and society with a desire for growth and development and the support of our enthusiastic, expert teachers.

The professional world is constantly reflected in our practical work. Our students go on internships to develop the teamwork and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in their careers, mixing theory with practice.

Our research

As well as education, THUAS plays an essential role in practice-oriented research. Within the University, there are 7 Centres of Expertise and 29 Research groups. The innovations we make in our research contribute to education, professional practice, and wider society. We work closely with industry and government institutions, both nationally and internationally.

We also offer a summer school programme. The Hague Summer School is a cutting-edge modular programme, offering courses on crucial issues such as peace, justice and human rights, the impact of global migration and current trends in finance and economics. The practical application of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is the common theme that forms the fundament of our summer programme.

To find out more about what The Hague Summer School has to offer, follow this link: https://www.thuas.com/programmes/exchange-programmes-other-courses/hague-summer-school