Erfahrungen zum Studium Public Health am Windesheim Honours College

Amelie Gerdes

Amelie Gerdes gives us an Intervies and told us about her Public Health Study at the Windesheim Honours College.

Living and studying with students from different countries is really interesting. Everybody was raised differently, so you learn a lot from each other. Of course we have our disagreements some times, but in general we get along very well and we do a lot together, like cooking, BBQ-ing or just playing pool in a nearby pool hall.

I like my room, especially the fact that I have my own bath room is great. And the view is unbelievably pretty! I love having my own space, but company is easy to find when you’d like some. Every one usually leaves their door open, so you can walk right in to ask questions about home work, to watch some tv or simply to have a chat. Another great aspect is that we motivate each other when it comes to home work. Simply seeing my flat mates study hard motivates me to work hard as well and of course it’s easier, two always know more than one.

The location of the student residence couldn’t be better. The College, the train station and the city centre are within walking distance. The Campus of Windesheim Universuty of Applied Sciences, where the very affordable gym is located, is also close by. In general everything in Zwolle is easy to find, it’s not too big, but not too small either. For me, it’s perfect!