Erfahrungen zum Studium Public Health am Windesheim Honours College

Renée Bouhijs

Renée Bouhijs studies Public Health at the Windesheim Honours College and give us an Interview

I can’t wait for the second year!

At the end of my first year I can truly say I’m very happy with my choice of specialization. Public Health offers an interesting mix, from medical knowledge (syndromes, disorders, sickness) to solutions to health problems and everything in between. I have an overall picture of what’s happening worldwide in the area of Public Health, I know the relevant organizations and stakeholders and the magnitude of the problems.

The College has definitely surpassed my expectations. I mean, yes, WHC is the completely English taught, truly international programme I expected. And though it’s a university of applied sciences, there are links with psychology and research, like they promised me. But it’s much more, it doesn’t feel like business administration, but of course that is one aspect of this programme. It’s not a hardcore management study either, though we certainly learn how to manage projects for instance. For me, the business administration and management aspect, combined with the specialization and the intercultural, human aspect is what makes this a unique programme. I can’t wait for the second year!